The Code of Conduct

Esteemed Adventurer,

In your journey through the realm of OpenIBC, your conduct and interactions are governed by a sacred code - the Code of Conduct. This Code is applicable to all topics and discussions within this forum. As a member of the OpenIBC Forum, your participation signifies your agreement to honor and uphold this Code.

We anticipate a basic degree of courtesy, respect, and understanding within our community spaces.

Code of Conduct Enforcement

Actions of the following nature are considered severe violations and will have zero tolerance:

  • Displaying bias or discrimination towards any member based on their geographical location, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or other personal characteristics.

  • Harassment of any kind, whether in public or private. This includes doxxing, unauthorized disclosure of a member’s personal information, or baseless accusations.

  • Use of explicit or suggestive language and imagery, or making uninvited sexual advances

  • Advocacy or involvement in fraudulent activities or scams

Members of the OpenIBC Forum must not:

  • Launch personal attacks on the opinions, research, or ideas of other OpenIBC Forum members.

  • Flood the forum with spam messages, unnecessarily repeating questions or messages, and not staying updated with the forum’s ongoing updates.

  • Shilling is not permitted

  • Behave aggressively or rudely to another OpenIBC member

Adventurer, should you fail to comply with the aforementioned rules, you may be exiled from the forum.

You are now ready to begin your journey,
Guardian of the Forum

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